Han Yishui seemed to fly as he retreated, the glow within his body was shrouding him, as an artificer, he did not lack artifacts as nine jet black bone spears flew through the air, frighteningly black mist swirled and it seemed like a demon with nine sharp claws were rushing forward.

“I thought that you guys like to shove others headlong, now I’ll make the both of you into living ‘human trees’.” Han Fei Yu coldly laughed as he walked forward making everyone feel the chills.

Ye Fan’s divine sense was very sharp. He hurriedly examined them and was shocked. “The Ji Family has come!”

“Wait!” shouted Ye Fan. “Beautiful Flickering Light Sacred Lady, even now I still don’t know your name…”

By the side, a few cultivators also began to scream in terror but their voices were all ancient, similar events were occurring to their bodies as their vision became misty, their lives no longer assured.

Zhou Yi frowned as he muttered: “I’m afraid that the few of us will be hard pressed to live, we have to find a way to preserve our own lives, these people clearly don’t care about us living or dying.”

“Old uncle you don’t have to say anymore, a meal really doesn’t count for much but the kind intentions and camaraderie behind it are very important.” Having said this, Ye Fan crouched down and helped wipe the tears on Ting Ting’s face as he said: “Ting Ting don’t cry, with me around I won’t let you feel wronged again.”

It could be said that the scenery was beautiful, extremely suitable to cultivating. Ye Fan could feel that his mind was at peace as he felt the flavour of the natural Dao.

“Did our human race even exist back then? And what kind of position did we have?”

The youth atop the five coloured beast frowned as he said: “Such an ordinary village elder, how could he have the blood of our Jiang family. If they are really the descendants of grandfather Jiang Zhe, how could they not know how to cultivate, I think it’s just a case of similar name and surnames……”

“Ah, Bandit Chen Da really is vicious and oppressive. If we can’t hand three kilograms of Sources over, he’ll have all the young and old folk in our village killed.”

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