Li Ruyu silently stood there without moving, the surrounding vegetation began to flash with a green light as sprawling trees began to swiftly grow, like umbrellas which shot toward the sky, blocking the countless black lights.

His left arm began to tremble, under the nourishment of the starlight, his broken arm was actually being mended!

Finally, a large majority of the golden energy coagulated between his eyebrows, forming a vast golden lake. Only a small portion of the energy flowed into his physical body, his cultivation did not increase but instead his divine sense became more powerful.

“This is Mars, why are there human buildings? Air, temperature, gravity and so on and is not very different, just like a desert on Earth.”

The few youths attempted to persuade Ye Fan with various benefits to attain this ‘source’ but Ye Fan was adamant in his refusal.

“What relation do those bronze artifacts have to you?” Han Yi Shui indifferently swept his gaze at him: “I’ve already made it very clear, those items belong to Pang Bo who is a disciple within my sect, since he’s already gone missing, his items naturally belong to my Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary. What is an outsider like you trying to do? You haven’t joined my sect, there isn’t any room for discussion, you have no right to discuss anything with me, leave!” As he said this, his face became grave: “Barging into a sacred ground within my sect, if you don’t leave, there will be dire consequences!”

More female students joked about Yefan, thankfully in school they only liked him secretly, now they regretted rejecting Liu Yunzhi’s pursuit of them.

There was a loud rumbling noise and the two balls of green light seemed to be frightened as they rushed out of Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness, moving speedily away. At the same time, Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness immediately regained its calm and the soybean sized golden light hung there like a divine lamp.

Ye Fan crouched down as he look with pity towards the little girl and rubbed her head: “I won’t add any burdens to you by staying behind.”

“Could this be the real reason why there is no way to cultivate with the divine physique from ancient times, resulting in it being considered a crippled body?” Pang Bo had an expression of astonishment.

“The cultivation of this crazed old man is impossible deep, who knows if there’s currently anyone within the Eastern Badlands who can compare……” Hua Yunfei continued: “He has personally carved Dao inscriptions within my Tai Xuan sect, wishing to traverse the void, the profoundness of those inscriptions are exceptional, he must have wanted to travel to an extremely distant place, it is impossible to conjecture where he planned to go.”

“Young girl, don’t cry……” Ye Fan was really embarrassed and ashamed, this young and old duo seemed to have already been in quite a predicament before he came.

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