Large boulders were flying and the four youths were not only stopped, they had to constantly retreat in fear of the several thousand catty boulders smashing into them.

Pang Bo was also alone but he did not give up as his demonic aura surged, the green lights that shot forth from his eyes were already tens of metres long and his aura seemed even stronger.

That youth silently stood there, his smooth black hair gently floating, his eyes extremely clear as he replied: “Xi Xia Mountain Range, located within the Jin Country.”

Ji Ziyue nodded: “The fact that they were able to acquire one of them is already a heaven sent gift.”

“What is that?!” Everyone was stunned.

Now that the seal on his Wheel and Sea had been resolved and his cultivation base restored, Ye Fan prepared to leave this place.

Ye Fan immediately frowned. This was the voice of the Flickering Light Sacred Lady. They had ended up attracting the huge existence that was the Flickering Light Sacred Land.

Ye Fan stumbled, almost tripping to the ground. This shameless guy really was daring. Wasn’t this causing a huge calamity to descend on him?

The Ji Family had mustered a huge force. Armed knights filled the sky, and huge banners waved in the wind. The sounds of people shouting and beasts roaring shook the sky. Killing intent soared and cold light shone off of armor.

Ye Fan truly was shocked to find these changes after stepping into the Paramita realm.

Brilliance continuously shone, the eight symbols(8 trigrams) of the book of changes, eventually transformed many times in a complex order, finally it sparkled with light.

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