“It isn’t an illusion, there must be a specific time and some special methods to enter the celestial palace. That kind of golden opportunity cannot be obtained by just anyone, it will be in sight but unattainable.”

The more relaxed Ji Ziyue seemed the more suspicious Ji Xia became as she swiftly flew to the sky: “Sister Ziyue, come up here for a battle.” Ji Ziyue cried bitterly in her heart, she really wanted to bite Ye Fan.

The light instantly shattered, it was simply unable to block as it transformed into streaks of flowing light, disappearing in the sky.

Within Ye Fan’s body, a divine vein was spreading, like a bridge that was expanding forward, moving straight across the sky above the golden sea of bitterness, the surrounding area became filled with mist. The divine bridge had actually lengthened significantly in a single night, after absolving the mysteries within his heart, there was a clear gain, if he was able to completely traverse past the sea of bitterness to reach the other side, he would then have reached the Other Shore realm.

Just when the chaos occurred, Yefan’s party were unable to fled. Now all together calming down. though many feel, there was no major injuries. Only a few with people bruised arms.

At the same time, Elder Han released twelve green wooden swords which flew out in a profound manner, locking down all directions and trapping the horseman within.

The middle-aged man with an imposing presence whose body was like a mountain Liu Wan Shan walked forward and said: “It seems that we can only spar to decide.”

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