Until the moment, the electricity on Liu Yunzhi’s body was gradually dissappeared, the Vajra copper in his hands became dim and dark.

Pang Bo took in a deep breath and the colour of his face changed: “It seems to be the smell of the old snake!”

The big battle was extremely intense and thirty seconds had barely passed before a grand elder was beaten back as he could no longer hold on and had his chest subsequently pierced through by a great demon, a severed heart could be seen beating in his hands, fresh blood pumping out and splashing onto the great demon’s body making him seem even more savage.

The crystal coffin that was nary a chinese foot long was trapped and the experts that had rushed out of the burial mound had all reached as they stretched forth their hands almost simultaneously in an attempt to grab it.

After Ye Fan calmed down, he drank some of the divine spring water and began to mend his wounds. In just those seconds before, his body had already been badly burned, and he had received very serious injuries.

This is a kind of inhuman torture, like being in purgatory, experiencing the worst torture in the world. Finally, the pain let all the people into a state of coma, no one can keep sane.

“He’s gone through a corpse transformation, gaining a hazy consciousness, his demon body is immortal thus creating a strong deathly presence that reeks of resentment.” The unscrupulous cultivator was stunned, he felt that this was simply incredible as he asked Ye Fan to back away. He then sent forth his spiritual weapons and used the green flame to assist them.

At this moment, Ye Fan could feel that the vigorousness of his spring of life had been reduced but did not dry up as it continued to gurgle. As for his golden sea of bitterness, although it had grown dimmer, it did not dry up.

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