“Damned fatty! I hope we don’t meet within this lifetime!” Ye Fan was incensed and he felt burning resentment. This cultivator was simply too unscrupulous and lacking in morals.

“If he could win a Sacred Lady, winning a fairy wife for you would be no problem,” Wang Shu also laughed.

A few carriages flashing with divine lights floated in the air, no longer advancing. These few bigwigs were prepared to support from the outside, they did not dare to personally risk entering because the curse within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land had a large effect on extreme experts, to the extent that they could even be reduced to ordinary mortals.”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo probed for a long time and came to the conclusion that Ye Fan’s physique was simply too unique and was like a bottomless pit that required large quantities of hundred plants extract to establish the sea of bitterness. Different from normal people, he was not afraid that the excessive medicine might be too strong that his sea of bitterness would overflow, rather, his sea of bitterness was like an abyss that had no way to be completely filled.

A thunderous noise rang out as dust flew up. That huge mine was cut open and the dark and eerie shaft was exposed, appearing very strange.

“If I’m able to get through this ordeal, I must find a peaceful area to properly cultivate!” Ye Fan had gone through multiple ordeals and sincerely hoped to become stronger, he wanted peerless strength.

Thereafter the two fell into contemplation for a long time and laid there silently, looking at the stars completely silent.

“What’s the matter?!” They feel a creepy, full of fear, a life died suddenly, just now still with us today, but now it has left forever, it is so sudden and strange.

The reason why he dug such a secretive cave dwelling was precisely because of this ‘Demonfire’ that could be found here, this was the strongest fiery blaze that someone of his level could control.

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