Yefan felt heart compassion to this female classmate. In college she was a happy and pure girl, like cheering for students outside the soccer field, sometimes even shyly sends them several bottles of mineral water

The aurichalcite was motionless as it laid within the eye of the spring within the sea of bitterness, it was like a rock that could not be shaken, he had no way to control it and could not use it to fend against his enemies.

There was a mysterious aura that was emitted from the demon emperor’s burial mound as a strong demonic energy began to slowly gather, shrouding the ancient tomb in a layer of blurry mist.

“Since the small mountain is ours, even if we kill a deer or roast a few red-crowned cranes there shouldn’t be anyone who cares right?”

Suddenly, miserable screams could be heard from up ahead as large numbers of cultivators fled like rapids towards the depths of the mountains.

With another tear, her clothing fell and her entire back was exposed. A great expanse of skin revealed itself, full of lustrous perfection.

“Don’t hurt his physical body.” Just at this time, the Ji Family Grand Elder Ji Changkong stopped Ji Hui, saying, “Haoyue once said to me this child’s physique is special, so don’t destroy it. I want to carefully study it.”

“A cultivator of the Other Shore realm was actually beaten to death by your fists…….” Ji Ziyue was speechless: “You are practically a walking beast!”

Coughing hardly from the dark corners, the dark figure moved his body and in a deep hoarse voice, said: “Ghost …Ghost …”

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