When the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji family worked together, they were sufficient to handle most sects. Only if a really powerful large sect, other Sacred Grounds or ancient aristocratic families arrived would there be trouble, those people would be able to contest without fear of any consequences.

“This junior sister, with naturally good looks, like a lotus flower breaking the surface, resembling an orchid in a remote and empty valley. You should be from the Black Steed peak ” Another disciple of the Star peak praised.

Suddenly, in the sky several black spots appeared which seemed to get bigger. Strong sounds as if there was a storm were echoing across the skies.

In front of them, the scenery had changed. In the previously empty space appeared many stone mountains and houses, and there were even some people and Source mines.

“Thank the heavens you’re alright.” Zhang Wen Chang was very agitated as he swiftly ran forward: “I’ve invited elder Ma Yun to come, he will send you off.”

A light heavenly laugh rang out. The Flickering Light Sacred Lady reached out her slender jade hand, her fingers possessing a strange power that brushed against Ye Fan’s back.

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, could Li Xiaoman have told the truth of the situation? If that was the case, the situation would be rather problematic, he could not help but glance over at her.

Currently, the depths of the ruins were undoubtedly very dangerous but Ye Fan and Pang Bo did not back away and chose to continue going forward.

Some of them were as calm as deep pools, as imposing as huge mountains, and completely unfathomable. Some of them showed off their abilities, seeming like exceptionally sharp swords filled with dense killing intent.

Ji Ziyue was stunned, her small mouth was in a ‘O’ shape: “Young fellow…… what did you do?”

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