Ye Fan finally obtained the name of the next mystical realm: Dao Temple. After the Wheel and Sea mystical realm, one needed to overcome the Sea of Bitterness, reaching the Other Shore before slowly feeling for it.

He took out the pure jade bottle and multicolored Sources tumbled onto the ground before him, dazzling and glorious, turning the cave exceptionally bright.

This was a rare chance as Ye Fan lifted the purple clothed lady, rushing forward like a bolt of lightning as he left the bottom of the lake.

“Brother Ye, when will you come back?” Wang Shu sent him off. He didn’t know he was going to the purple mountain and only thought he was going on a long journey.

His expression turned heavy and he then sighed. “That is an inauspicious land. You absolutely can’t go there. My ancestors once said that in the entire northern region, there was no one who could provoke it.”

Different realms were separated by a chasm that was a moat between heaven and earth, simply impossible to overcome and Ye Fan’s heart was in shock, the other party had restrained him and he could not gather any strength in his body.

The ‘profound’ referred to the essence of the heavens, the ‘yellow’ meant the marrow of the earth. This meant that the profound earth represents the heaven and the earth.

The few great demons heard this and their expressions revealed shock as they all stared at the ancient five coloured palace, earnestly and carefully scrutinised, they were stunned.

Ye Fan experienced an intense pain before everything finally calmed down, he was thinking about the words of the old women, back in the primitive era the Wheel and Sea had various strange scenes? Bright moon over the sea, stars within the morning sky, golden lotus within the sea of bitterness……. Hearing the names already suggested the scenes and this made him look forward to the future.

An elder from the Ling Xu sanctuary explained: “There are no mortals within the immortal sanctuaries, if we let him enter it may not be a good thing for him.”

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