Endless white mist rushed out from the ice world behind him. It was like a tsunami as it rushed towards Ye Fan.

Several disciples were alarmed as a few people immediately flew towards the desolate peak, some people even wanted to forcefully barge in but were stopped by the people beside them as they descended before the sect gate.

“Does that mean that you will let me go?” A moving light flashed through Ji Ziyue’s large eyes: “The Peacock King is indeed straightforward and decisive, it’s no wonder you are a senior peerless exponent of legends, Ziyue expresses her thanks here.”

Sounds of streaking resounded as the Azure Wood Seal, Cold Steel Ruler, Crimson Blood Spear and other weapons swiftly chopped towards Ye Fan.

Wang Zi Wen also walked forward as he spoke up: “Who knew that we would meet again in this area, I really don’t know if we should consider this a blessing or misfortune.”

“What’s going on? I didn’t place the golden chest near my skin……” He hurriedly stopped to check and what left Ye Fan shocked was that the golden page that was stored within his bosom had disappeared.

The two people shivered, cold sweat flowed steadily down their backs, if they had taken a few more steps, they would likely have already passed on.

Ji Ren sent a large hand sweeping forth, immediately sending Ye Fan flying through the sky. Although it was not the Void Palm Destruction, the force behind it was also great.

It was only at dusk when the two sides retreated temporarily, it was clear that matters would not be settled like this and in the coming few days blood would flow like rivers.

“It’s such a pity, a treasure that you had actually gotten was thrown away by Daoist. Treating the most precious treasure as a useless piece of aurichalcite.” Ye Fan shook his head as he sighed, purposefully showing such an attitude.

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