“Don’t you think that your words are rather hasty?” Ye Fan calmly looked at him: “Within this forbidden ground, who knows who will live until the final moment, it may be that I will break your neck.”

After molding their divine symbols into ‘artifacts’, a large majority of people would select a spiritual treasure of a similar form and only when the two were identical could the most power be utilised.

The second cultivator presented a copper mirror that was overflowing with an ancient feeling. However, it had some defects, with three cracks visible.

As for the people on the ground, they would have been affected and killed, but a large banner was inserted into a stone. The banner was hundreds of meters tall and bloody light circulated within it, protecting the thousands of mortals so that none of them were injured.

At this moment, Ye Fan suddenly dashed forward with indescribable speed, leaving a faint illusion where he previously stood.

“You animals, even a lonely elder with his lovely grandchild, yet you can act on them, you lot really deserve to be killed.” Ye Fan’s strength was immense and if it were not for him controlling it, he would have already sent these heads flying.

Jiang Yi Fei looked to be about twenty four to twenty five years of age but actually spoke like this to the Yan Xia sect leader. The old man did not find it disrespectful but rather accepted it as a difference in their strengths.

Ye Fan didn’t take out his cauldron at this time. If he revealed it prematurely, he wouldn’t have the slightest hope.

The divine symbol that was akin to an iron chain had left a very deep scar on the large rock and clearly spent most of its energy. The glow had significantly dimmed and it became a vague image as it flew back into the youth’s sea of bitterness. His body trembled as he took two steps back.

“What are the intentions of this old foggy?” Pang Bo had an expression of befuddlement, he actually thought that elder Han would attack them but contrary to expectations he just left like that.

“Endless Starlight!” Chen Feng exclaimed as his right hand waved, a starry river flowed out, in the beginning it was merely a thin stream, but soon the air was swiftly drowned in starlight making it such that Ye Fan would be struck by it no matter how he dodged.

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