Chen Feng laughed as he replied: “Oh, how does junior sister Li think we should punish him?”

“There’s another reason why I’m leaving, we pressured Han Fei Yu with such force thus embarrassing him…….”

At this point, Ma Yun from Yu Ding sanctuary coughed as he said: “I think…… you people have misunderstood the situation. Maybe it was because I didn’t speak clearly enough.”

This was the worst case scenario but with the vastness of the southern region, Ye Fan did not believe that someone would be able to find him if he found some secluded cave within a mountainous region.

All male students were clustered up, Pangbo kicks the skull. It is clear that this is an adult skull, I don’t know how many years, already weathered bones no longer smooth, with lots of rough cracks.

The surface of the mysterious aurichalcite did not have any Dao Inscriptions, rather, dense and numerous amounts of it could be seen at the severed point. Dao Inscriptions densely covered and were extremely complex, profound and obscure without any way for a person to comprehend. It felt as though there was a natural law of the Dao, heaven and earth became one and made a person who looked at it feel his emotions deeply rile up.

Pang Bo inclined his one eye, said: “you want me let him go and let go? Did you just now didn’t see he wants to kill Yefan, if not due to the quick response by YeFan, he has already been pushed out of the colored altar, fall into the storm, so this bastard can let it go? “

Different realms were separated by a huge chasm. In front of an expert who had cultivated three secret realms, his divine energy was obviously too inferior.

Having reached the bottom of the lake, Ye Fan suddenly punched down before swiftly increasing his speed to the maximum, bringing Ji Ziyue flying away.

Many people hold tightly the gods artifacts in hands, but at the moment all statue of Buddha has lost its luster, and even some of them have cracked, a crackle appeared, completely damaged.

At this time, a radiant five-colored brilliance soared at the center of the eruption. It was like an immortal world had been opened. Five-colored clouds and mist surged, enveloping heaven and earth.

Liu Yunzhi is very calm, friendly nodded, can’t see anything unusual. In his side there are two person, one of them is which protected by the ancient bronze lamp of Yefan not long ago, safe arrival here of the male classmates.

The Star Aegis and Moon Edge was like the moon and stars collapsing as the skies weighed down, it was as if a small world was being obliterated, engulfing Ye Fan within.

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