“I also wish that nothing will happen, however……” Elder Wu Qingfeng shook his head as he suddenly stopped speaking.

It turned out that the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin were falling towards the peak of Taishan.

“Naturally there is a way of finding out. Once we chop it down and count the number of growth rings within the trunk we will know.”

Even so, they are not dare to let down, bronze coffin very large, so empty, there will be chance that several crocodile hiding was not found. Furthermore, there will not guarantee that the crocodile God will climb to the height of wall of coffin, the place is dark, cannot see clearly. “Be more alert, be careful will not has mistake.” Lin Jia reminded all people, and also said comfort: “even though had crocodile God, it also very afraid the gods artifacts on our hands, if not it already kill us.” Suddenly, they heard a strange sound, although very weak, almost inaudible, but can shake the mind!

“This place is haunted!” Pang Bo unconsciously attempted to grab at something but it was a pity that his bronze plaque was not here with him.

“I believe that the collected wisdom of ancient China will surely be able to give the techniques of this world a run for their money.”

Taking that a step further, if those powerful lifeforms from the primordial era had truly taken residence here, then what did that imply about the purple mountain?

“Beautiful Flickering Light Sacred Lady, how long are you going to keep not taking action?” Ye Fan secretly transmitted.

Ye Fan placed the golden fruit into his mouth as he gently chewed, a sweet flavour and abundant fragrance permeated through his mouth, becoming tangible and palpable, causing all the pores in his bodies to immediately relax and expand, his entire body was relaxed as though it were immersed in a spring gale.

Thereafter, Ji Ziyue immediately went to wash up, after fleeing for so long, her clothes were in tatters and she cut quite a sorry figure.

“Lies, I feel that you’re guilty of something, as though you are avoiding these people.” Ji Ziyue was exceptionally astute.

Ye Fan smiled: “Old uncle, don’t worry nothing will go wrong. Actually, anyone can be a bad person. It’s only a question if they want to be one or not.”

The youth dressed in blue did not expect a disciple which had just joined the sect would actually talk back to him as his face grew dark: “Such gall, the apex of a main peak, how could it be desecrated by you, do you recognise the error of your ways?”

Elder Han had been angered to death as his right hand relaxed and fell, his head rolled off with a plop sound as he died, his eyes were very wide and had clearly died aggrieved.

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