The unscrupulous cultivator glanced at him furiously: “Little fellow, don’t even mention about who is messing with whom, three years ago you almost cost me my life, today I’ve merely messed with your body.”

If a normal person were to have absorbed so much qi essence of life, his sea of bitterness would have long been pierced through and his body would have shattered. “If a normal person were to absorb all this qi essence of life over a long period of time, the sea of bitterness they establish should be much bigger than mine……” Ye Fan was in deep thought as he felt that this way of cultivating was really wasteful. He then muttered: “Is it really wasteful? I don’t seem to feel that way.”

“It really is worthy of being Origin Qi. Even after this flame was completely used up, it still wouldn’t take shape…”

Returning to the small store, the old man had already prepared breakfast and Ting Ting was constantly knocking on his door, urging him to get up causing Ye Fan to smile.

[1] ‘Bandit Chen Da’ was a difficult term to translate. The ‘bandit’ part actually usually means mustache, but it has the secondary meaning of bandit, while ‘Da’ means big. Therefore his name could also be Big Mustache Chen.

“It looks like shed……” Some people have a look of surprise, said in a low voice.

“This little beggar really wants to keep his dignity and would rather endure suffering. He’s already in such dire straits that he has to be a beggar but he still pretends to be virtuous and noble.”

Ye Fan appeared in the air above this unknown city as he stopped and turned, using his divine sense to loudly transmit: “If you dare to move even a step further, I will transmit the Great Void Technique to the entire population here. Then, I will move to the next city and continue passing on the technique. I don’t believe that you will be able to kill everyone within the entire southern region!”

Looking at Li Yun’s swollen face and Li LIn’s pale complexion, Han Yishui seemed to sense that something was wrong as he asked: “You two fought with someone?”

Ye Fan could never have imagined that the barren and deserted Desolate Peak would suddenly become so rowdy, this made one lament, the cultivation world was like the mortal world, one had to be extremely realistic.

“The western region? This means that you people actually came from that vast and boundless desert……” One of the elders frowned as he muttered: “From the desert in the west to the eastern badlands, the distance is simply unimaginable. Even if I were to travel by rainbow and fly there, it would take at least thirty over years. Exactly what sort of person would have such unrivaled talent to create such a formidable ‘influence’ on that mountain? This is simply inconceivable!”

It was only at this moment that he found out what Duan De had seen. Up ahead had copious amounts of flowers strewn on the floor as petals fell gently like the rain. Within the cherry blossom forest was a small lake, by the shore were endless thousand year ancient cherry blossom trees, where there were fresh clothes hung on all of them.

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