Twenty over experts then proceeded to enter the demon emperor’s burial mound as they wanted to open up this ancient tomb completely.

The Eight Divine Beast Strength allowed one to control peak-level divine energy. Once cultivated to the apex, nothing could break or stop it.

“What…….” The white clothed young man seemed stunned as an expression of alarm appeared on his jade like face before he sighed.

The vast land stretched out far and empty with the slightest signs of life. Only a few bare mountains and random stones could be seen all the way to the horizon.

Ye Fan heard this and felt stunned, this old man was indeed rather impressive, far from ordinary, his physique was ordinary and could even be said to be bad, but when it came to comprehending the Dao and feeling nature, he had managed to comprehend the supreme truth.

He had then left, this was the battle that had solidified his position as a peerless exponent!

Ye Fan’s heart began to beat faster and he felt that his mouth was dry, he was dazzled by the divine glow from the golden page and his eyes were squinted as he stared.

Huge bronze coffin overturned in their rear, below the copper coffin is a great colored stone altar, and have seemingly very similar to the giant altar on Mount Tai, five different colors of stones piled together.

Ye Fan’s realm was still low and could not understand how difficult this was. Only in the later stages of cultivating would one experience this problem where all the precious treasures and divine medicines would be useless and only ‘comprehension’ could allow one to break through.

Li Yun walked up and used his divine energy to sweep through the pyramid. The sun, moon, and stars on it lit up, their light shining. He was actually sucked inside.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady let out a startled shout as several strands of her divine sense were sealed off and obliterated.

Leaving the southern region truly was troublesome for Ye Fan. Right now he didn’t have any method to traverse the void to the northern region. He had actually considered doing the opposite and travelling to the southernmost area.

Pang Bo turned back and shouted: “Didn’t the few of you want to get rid of us? Now we’re just giving you a taste of what it’s like when your life is threatened.” Having said this, he picked up his pace and like a rabbit within the blink of an eye he was already far away.

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