Figures flashed as another seven to eight people landed, their hair was white and had clearly come from the main peak up ahead.

The young man in his twenties looked embarrassed, when faced with this youth who was younger than him he was filled with trepidation as he spoke with a look of respect: “These two people don’t seem to be all that much, is there really a need to test them?”

No more cicadas in ancient trees, no grasshopper in the grass, no birds in the sky, there is only silence.

The gentle rays from the moon were completely blocked by the golden lotuses causing ringing noises to sound out, dazzling lights shot forth in all directions as Yan Ruyu stood peacefully within like a fairy.

Her sleeve slid down. Her entire bare arm was revealed, white and shining like a lotus plant breaking out of the water. Her beautiful curves were like warm white jade, making her a definite masterpiece of a beautiful woman. This arm was pure white and shone like ice, bewitching and beautiful.

At the same time, the hundreds of words within Ye Fan slowly began to recede, as the sounds disappeared as well. By the side, Pang Bo was stupefied, this matter was simply too mysterious making one feel absolutely bewildered. After a long time he finally spoke: “I think….. you’d better not write anymore, that obscure writing is simply too bizarre.”

Suddenly, Yefan heard a song, like the song from the sky. At first he thought is an illusion, but the song gradually vast up, around the whole temple, such as a bell in vibration, solemn, vast, ingenious, abstruse.

Ye Fan eliminated all the other bandits and then walked deep into the stone forest. He found over ten kilograms of Sources. Who knew just how villages the bandits had menaced in order to get so many.

A year ago, the people of the Jiang Family, Ji Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground had entered the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land with everyone being exterminated, this had caused a huge clamour, shocking every sect, resulting in no one daring to barge into the forbidden area.

Ye Fan found it difficult to keep calm as he found that his body was like an endless abyss, he never needed to fear that the effects of medicine would be too fierce and if he could supply sufficient qi essence of life, he could continue to establish his sea of bitterness.

Obviously he was very disturbed. Only a long time after did he finally breathe again and wave his sleeve to collect the Source and stone.

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