“Little kid Ye, big sis really doesn’t have the heart to see you be burned. Quickly come back. I’ll secretly make a path for you. I’m not as callous as grandaunt Ji Hui and won’t kill you,” Ji Biyue sent a secret transmission to him, her gaze capable of attracting spirits.

Several people weak and limp on the ground, the students who ear and nose in haemorrhage are exhausted, it is difficult to move, even almost cannot held the Buddha artifacts, just imagine that the roar is terrible.

Being sought after by two extreme superpowers, others would certainly be excited, however, Ye Fan merely felt a migraine, he did not wish to enter a Sacred Ground of ancient aristocratic family in this manner.

Before entering the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, the disintegration of a skeleton had caused ten odd experts to die one after another. One could see how frightening the power of Desolation was. As for Ye Fan, he had suffered from the more frightening attack of a Desolation Slave, his body had been contaminated with a greater amount of the aura of Desolation and if he did not have the primordial ancient divine body together with his previous consumption of a divine medicine, he would certainly have died.

“Senior ancestor aunt, he was the one who saved me.” Ji Ziyue smiled sweetly before pointing towards Ye Fan.

Over the countless years, too many strange things had occurred in that ancient mining zone. Sacred Master after Sacred Master had entered without returning, so no one else dared have any ideas.

Although the words would never stay engraved and would always quickly disappear, he still never gave up on it.

“Don’t be afraid, big brother won’t let those bad people bully Ting Ting anymore.” Ye Fan rubbed her head in sympathy, such a sensible and cute young girl was bullied in such a manner, this really made one’s heart feel angst.

The people by the side were not done speaking as Ye Fan ascended the first step, a green light flashed as he was instantly sent flying away several metres, falling onto the ground.

That huge banner in the sky became increasingly terrifying. Its blackness was horrifying and it covered the entire sky.

Bandit Chen Da fake smiled and said, “This is the last time. Right now we really need Sources. Later we’ll give you guys some benefits.”

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