The two of them had their own methods and they each fled as best they could.

All around that ancient tree, there were strange trees and divine grass, all trembling and filled with a lush vibrance, like a picture turned to reality.

Ye Fan was a firm and self confident person and had never been affected by much, after losing his senses for a while he quickly calmed down and took big strides forward.

Cannot see clearly it noumenon, the dark clouds obscured the moon, covered the sky.

The dark coffin wall as the background without any change, like the dark sky, real like as the stars emerge. “The engraved maps of sky has a thin line in flicker, is it the road of sky we had passed?” All people gathered around him, watch together, talking about it, all show a look of surprise.

The vegetation here gradually thinned and the disintegrated remains of old constructions became more abundant. The spiritual qi was dense and thriving with vitality, such that it was much thicker, it was simply a better treasured land than that of the Ling Xu sanctuary.

“It’s not that the obscure writing is evil* , it’s the ancient words that are extraordinary. Every stroke has a type of “influence” which can affect the fluctuations of qi essence between heaven and earth. All the “influence” gathered together is sufficient to affect the surrounding energy within heaven and earth wiping away any trace of the ancient words.” Ye Fan made a deduction from what he had seen.

Ye Fan who had already walked to the periphery of the valley felt his heart tremble, he was worried for Pang Bo and it seemed that the situation was grim and difficult to determine. The perfect lady within the pavilion shook her head: “The one within closed meditation doesn’t even know if he can extend his life, it is difficult to say who will fulfill whom.”

Ye Fan hid far away, the unscrupulous cultivator took a full minute before finally breaking through the ice, his entire body was black and purple, all the pores on his body were releasing a black mist as the entire region atop the mountain became covered with black ice, vegetation withered and many boulders were frozen and shattered.

Up ahead, fragrant grass abounded as young men and women sat together, each person had a wooden table before them that was filled with fruits and other snacks.

“Well, we finally get rid of the dark and bleak, came to such a beautiful earth.”

After running for tens of miles, Ye Fan gradually felt that something was amiss, as though some people were following him. Their speed was not any slower than him and seemed to be catching up soon. His heart shivered and immediately rushed into a rubble forest, hiding behind a large boulder as he observed.

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