“Little bastard, be content. Being able to be refined in the same cauldron as so many spiritual medicines, this is the good fortune you have gathered for ten generations.”

“An ancient aristocratic family that has lived since ancient times, the Ji Clan!” When the people from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground saw the eighteen ancient war vehicles, their eyes narrowed as they prepared to engage, killing intent surged and they seemed even more imposing.

“Demon emperor’s Yin Grave!” Someone amongst them did a sharp intake of cold air as his eyes were like a torch and with a single glance he had immediately understood what was below the cold pond.

“The last great emperor of the demon race from eastern badlands, it’s him, it must be him!” The sect leader of the Ling Xu sanctuary continually muttered as he seemed rather dazed.

The Peacock King left Ye Fan to settle down as he left this space, saying that he would pick up an old friend.

Ye Fan helplessly sighed: “Damn, if I consume another golden divine fruit, won’t I become a young and tender baby?”

Ye Fan didn’t even know how much of the flame he had absorbed. It was like he was forging iron, and this area’s purple mist even became a bit thin.

Once the bigwig of the Tai Xuan sect had made a decision, the disciples of the various main peaks immediately began to discuss, many of the people who knew the history of the Desolate Peak immediately decided that they would head over. A previously waning main peak suddenly had its legacy appear, this had entered everyone’s mind and immediately became brilliant and resplendent.

Ye Fan felt cold sweat run down his back, this crazed old man was simply too frightening, this pressure caused him to be unable to move, it was far greater than any cultivator he had met.

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