“Kid, why have you gone up to the roof, be careful, don’t fall down.”

Jiang Yi Fei waved his hand and a horseman immediately went forward, pressing towards that supervisor.

“My brother and I split up to escape, and he continued to chase after my brother……” Ji Ziyue was clearly worried, such an exponent was simply impossible to measure, even if Ji Haoyue with his divine body would not stand a chance at the third stage of his cultivation.

Along the way there were a few pharmacy children that paid their respects to Han Fei Yu but he ignored them and with a gloomy face he headed to a deep part of the valley and stood before a cave dwelling. The medicinal scent here was even more pronounced and before the cave dwelling were eighteen medicinal pots that were orderly placed. It was unknown what metal was used to forge the pots but it could be seen to be simple and unadorned yet weighty.

Since he was unable to kill her, he might as well just her kill herself. As for those beautiful things, he couldn’t be bothered with them right now.

The Peacock King laughed boisterously, the sound reverberating throughout the area: “Let me ask you, since ancient times, has the Eastern Badlands ever seen an immortal? Don’t speak to me of those people recorded within ancient texts, their past is too distant to be relevant or reliable.”

Lastly Zhou Yi frowned, said: “between students need desperately? Hurry apologize to Yefan and Pangbo…….”

[T/N: Qilin is a Chinese mythological animal]

“What’s going on? How can there still be a mountain between us and the palace?”

“Cultivators who are above the Other Shore realm, the weapons of these people are really terrifying.” Ye Fan smelted repeatedly as he removed any markings on the weapons, for fear that someone would be able to detect them. Thereafter, he placed all the weapons into his sea of bitterness but something shocking occurred, regardless of whether it was the copper eight trigrams mirror, the pristine pure jade bottle or the parasol, they were unable to enter the sea of bitterness but rather could only float above the sea of bitterness, below the spiritual bridge.

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