Top 3 Fruits For Young Pro’s


There perhaps isn’t a healthier snack than fruit so as athletes we should always aim to consume the healthiest and most beneficial foods. Different types of fruits provide different types of nutrients and minerals but they all share a one common factor; they are all good for you.

Here at Young Pro we’ve gathered the top three fruits to get snack pre-match, during the action and post match.


The yellow fruit is a high source of potassium, which is a mineral which aides recovery in body. Not consuming enough potassium can cause muscle weakness, cramps, fatigue and in some severe cases abnormal heart rhythms and muscular paralysis. Intense exercise causes a loss of potassium in the body so one must make sure their potassium intake is high. Also bananas supply valuable amounts of carbohydrates which are a catalyst fuel source for your body and muscles.


As you probably know from Sunday League half-time oranges, they are an optimum source of Vitamin C.  This vitamin helps reduce inflammation and helps your body absorb iron better from plant sourced foods such as vegetables. Orange and orange juice provides an immediate rush of energy which is useful pre-game or at halftime but more importantly the vitamin C within an orange can be considered vital.

Strawberries- PRE-MATCH

This red and luxurious fruit is another great source vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for an athlete as its fights infections and makes collagen which helps with muscles and bones together. Strawberries promote blood sugar control and lasting energy between meals.

Regularly snacking on fruit is not just encouraged to meet your 5-a-day target there are many nutritional benefits to eating fruit as a Young Pro. So make sure you consume enough fruit to ensure you are mentally physically ready come match day.


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