Five Key Nutrients To Help You Maintain A Balanced Diet

nutritionOf course any young footballer needs to eat well, of course they need train well and maintain a good diet but if all five nutrients are not consumed regularly, they’ll be at a disadvantage come game day. So here’s a guide into what nutrients should be taken and why they’re all so important.

Vitamins and Minerals

Young athletes need this to get the blood so the performance levels increase. A key mineral such as calcium helps build strong bones and prevents stress fractures so a dietary intake of low fat dairy products, milk and green vegetables will be a great benefit. Iron is another key mineral that helps carry oxygen to all the body parts so foods such as lean meat, chicken and tuna prove to be great sources of iron and greatly benefit players.


Protein is a good nutrient as it helps build and repair muscles, most young pro’s obtain it through a balanced diet. Great protein sources include fish, lean meat and poultry. Too much protein can lead to dehydration and calcium loss be careful of your protein intake.


Carbs play an important role to a young pro’s diet, if there’s lack of carbs it could leave an athlete’s tank running low or empty come game day. Young athletes should be looking at whole grains foods like whole wheat pasta, brown rice and whole grain bread.


This nutrient is good for a young pro as it slows down the digestion and absorption of sugars and carbohydrate. It also reduces bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This nutrient has a positive impact on body’s mechanism for regulating cholesterol production.  But just like every other good thing too much can always be bad too much fibre in ones diet can cause heavy stomach so it’s best recommended having after the game

Always remember better habits, better players. #BHBP


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