Recovery? Why Bother?.

Recovery? Why bother? Because it’s the biggest mistake you’ll ever make as a player if you don’t! That’s quite a bold statement I’ve just made there, but I whole heartedly stand by it. Failing to recover properly from matches

Functioning Fitness With Suspension Training.

While suspension training is not the newest innovation in fitness anymore, it is a method of training which is often dismissed due to its simplistic appearance or unorthodox technique. In any gym you go to, be it one for the everyday civilian or at a Prem

Risks of Not Warming Down.

While most players at any level understand the importance of warming up before games or training sessions, the significance of warming down is sometimes lost. Therefore, here are some tips and advice for young players to illustrate the risks you run by no

Recovery Strategies for Young Athletes in Football.

It is well known that football involves activities such as sprinting, jumping, changes of direction, passing, shooting and body contact, which can all lead to fatigue. This fatigue can be linked with a decline in physical or muscle performance induced by