3 Tips For Being In Top Shape On Match Day

prematch mealAs any athlete would confirm, ‘it’s crucial to be in top shape come match day.’ There’s a fine line between ensuring you don’t eat too much ahead of a game and running on an empty stomach. Eating and drinking right on game day is the secret weapon for many who stand out on the pitch, feeling in top shape can play a significant psychological advantage and provide you with added confidence ahead of the action. Here are three tips to help you eat and drink right on match days.

Food Safety

There’s nothing worse than getting sick on game day, and being dropped because of a stomach cramp, nausea, vomiting and so on. Make sure your snacks are always at the appropriate temperature to prevent them going past their sell by date or having them uncooked so it’s vital you watch out for dairy products such as cheese, yogurt as well as deli meats and eggs. Shelf styled-ambient foods such as nuts, energy and protein bars tend to last longer so they can be tossed into your bag without any problem.


Dehydration is a recipe for disaster. Firstly if you’re dehydrated it’s dangerous to your health and secondly it will definitely affect your game. Always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day leading up to the game especially in those crucial two to three hours where you’re advised to drink half a cup of water every 15 minutes before kick-off.


One thing that you will notice here at Young Pro is that we always stress the importance of timing things, especially when it comes to consuming food on game-day. Your body needs two to three hours to digest a regular meal like lunch and breakfast. While snacks can take half an hour to digest. Always load up at meals but don’t over do it and keeps snacks as light as possible.

Now you’ve got these three crucial tips all that is left is for you to follow these tips and try to be at the best physical condition on match day.

Ultimately, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! #BHBP


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