3 Fluid Based Nutrition Tips For Young Pro’s

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It is known that Young Pro’s have different fluid needs compared to adult athletes, as young people are more likely to suffer from a poor nutrition. It’s important to have a great, effective nutrition diet. Here are 3 tips that can help you guys!

Tip 1: Have A Drinks Schedule

Young Pro’s should have a squeeze bottle of lightly sweetened and non carbonated beverages which are more effective than drinking water, this should be drank from 5 – 9 OZ in a 20-minute period as it keeps you hydrated. Ideally checking your weight before and after a session to see how much fluid has been taken in would be productive. 24 OZ should be consumed for every pound loss during exercise or the training session.

Tip 2: Practise Supplement Safety

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) does regulate dietary supplements meaning there is no 100% guarantee that all sport and energy drinks are good for an athletes’ nutrition diet that will enhance purity, safety and effeteness.  So what’s in the drink may not always be good for you as some supplements have way too much sugar and carbs than your body needs, SO YOUNG PRO’S ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITION WEIGH INS!!

Tip 3: Optimize Your Muscle Recovery

To help your muscles recover after a game or training session it is advised young athletes must eat or drink a high protein snack/drink half an hour after exercise. Two hours after the snack or drink has been consumed a high carbohydrate, moderate protein meal should be eaten to help the muscle grow. We all need muscle recovery in sports to help out the body function in our sporting careers and prevent more injuries than usual.

Remember if your nutrient consumption isn’t right neither you won’t be doing your body any favours so remember Young Pro’s get into the habit of taking the right nutrients for your individual body needs!

Words: Ayo Balogun


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